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  • What is Splitcab?

    Splitcab is an iOS and Android App that enables people to share their minicab journey with other users. (Private minicabs are also available if you do not want to share).

  • What type of Journey can I book?

    A Splitcab (shared minicab journey) is available from most addresses in greater London to the London airports at the moment; we have a map of areas covered here. We will be piloting point-to-point shared transfers within greater London in Q1 2015!

    Private minicabs are available from any address in Greater London to any address in Greater London.

  • How much does Splitcab cost.

    A Splitcab starts from £10 per person to Heathrow Airport, though this price varies depending on where you are being picked up from / to. The easiest way to check our pricing is on the App by entering your pickup and destination and you will immediately be quoted (the price shown is the price you pay).

  • What if I am the only one sharing Splitcab?

    No problem, you will travel in comfort and pay the fare quoted.

  • How many people will I be travelling with if I use Splitcab?

    A Splitcab vehicle can carry up to 8 passengers, we operate off 2 to 3 stops in the vast majority of cases.

  • How safe is your service?

    Splitcab only works with Licensed Private Hire Companies. Full details on what exactly this means are here.

  • Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes you can cancel your booking by going into the Main Menu, booking History and Live bookings; then swipe from right to left. This can be done at any time up until you are actually on board your vehicle.

  • How can I pay for the Journey?

    You can pay Cash, Credit Card or Splitcab Currency (Splitcoin)

  • Can I rate the service?

    Yes by going into the Main Menu Select Booking History and past bookings. Then select the booking you wish to rate.

  • Can I book in advance?

    Yes you can book as far in advance as you wish.

  • Can I get a receipt?

    Yes, you can manage this from within the App via the Main Menu, Booking History and select the booking you want a receipt for.

  • What if I have a problem?

    The quickest and best way to resolve any live issues is to ring your driver directly or his associated minicab company, both these details are provided on the vehicle-tracking page by swiping the driver details bar up.

    If you haven’t managed to resolve your issue via the above please don’t hesitate to contact us on

  • Will a Splitcab Journey go off route to pick up other passengers?

    Yes but not by far, the algorithm will calculate your route and will only share with users that are logistically sensible. On average you will add about 25% - 30% of your normal Journey time.

  • Can I add extra stops to my journey?

    Yes and no, you can add extra stops on a private minicab booking, use the teardrop to the right of the pickup field to add the stops. However on a Splitcab (shared transfer) you cannot add a 3rd address.

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